The Wondershop is Coming to Town!

Interested in learning more about how you can help the children in your lives develop their creativity and critical thinking? In the next several months, Ginger will be traveling all over Oregon, in Northern California and Nevada at various educational and parenting conferences. If you are interested in attending or organizing a workshop of your own, please send an email to

Here's a bit of what people are saying about the WonderWorkshop!
"You have a beautiful way of storytelling. It was inspiring and at the same time so relaxing." 
-Julianna Seldon, Emmanuel Preschool, Coos Bay, Oregon

"I absolutely loved attending this very interesting and inspiring workshop. And thank you for
providing a list of references to take home." -Jennifer Sveund, Heartwood Preschool, Portland,

Great workshop! Thank you! 
-Will Ilcisin, Small Friends Preschool

"I loved your style of presenting - knowledgable, informed, articulate, but also calming and
gentle." -Sydney Stocks, Small Friends Preschool

"Very useful workshop! I heard new things and new ways to talk to kids."

"It's obvious that you live what you teach and that your sharing is from the heart. Excellent! 
Thank you!"

"Everything was enjoyable! You had lots of great materials and were well prepared. Good job!"
-Lorna Hodges

"Thank you for being a great presenter. I enjoyed listening and thinking today." - Casey Robles,
Creative Learning Center, Woodburn High School, Woodburn, Oregon

"This should be expanded into a series. It would be great. I greatly appreciate the very apparent
teacher passion." -Cindy Miguel, Oak Grove Day Care and Preschool

"I enjoyed the workshop. Thanks for your easy, open way of presenting." -Mary Bogart, Tigard High
School/Little Tigers Preschool

"I appreciate all the ideas and resources you shared. You truly are sincere in your teachings!
Thanks!" - Kara Bischoff, Littlest Angels Preschool

"Very enjoyable. I had several "ah-ha" moments. Thanks for helping us to sit on the floor!"

"You are very enthusiastic and great at getting us thinking. You are a great storyteller. It was a 
great workshop! Thank you."