Well, a box arrived at our house yesterday filled with books. When we opened the box, Zeal was super cute: he looked up at me and with sweet sincerity said, “I’m proud of you Mom.” Then he proceeded to empty the box as fast as he could.

He first tried to build a Book House, but that didn’t work (don’t worry, these ones accidentally all came individually shrink wrapped so they were extra durable).

Then he made a stunt set for his cars.

But really what it all boiled down to was that he wanted the box for his stuffed animal friends. They need a new house, he said.

Later he came to me and asked me to sign a book to him. So we sat together, he told me how he wanted it signed, and then we read the chapter on storytelling together. It renewed us, and brought back memories, so we spent the evening telling stories (yes, with the box as a prop).

Thank you to everyone who has preordered copies. If you have ordered a book already, here’s some more information:

Copies from me. If you have pre-ordered an autographed copy from me, your books will be arriving shortly.

Online. If you’ve ordered from online booksellers such as Amazon, Powell’s, or your books will be shipped in the next few weeks.

Bookstores. If you have placed an order through your local bookstore, they will be sent on or around April 1st.

Internationally. International orders will take a bit longer, but rest assured, you will have them soon.