Found this in my jacket pocket...

Judging by the handwriting, it's been there a few months.

What a treat to stumble upon such a note. I often leave them for Zeal, but this might be the first hidden message I've received in return. aaaahhh!

and in other writing news...

This pan of salt sat on our counter for about week, and we made pictures and wrote notes back and forth. This is the only one I caught on film.

*Tip: Leave materials for writing around the house for them to be used when the spirit strikes. Writing materials might include: markers, crayons, a jar of pens, colored pencils, write and wipe boards, DoodlePro boards, LARGE pieces of paper, small pads of paper, stickie notes, trays of flour, salt, small pebbles, beans, or rice (anything a child can put their finger down into and make a line between). Try also a large Ziploc bag filled with tempera paint: seal it tightly and it will provide a nice paint canvas to draw on without all the mess of finger paints (but hey, those are great "writing" materials, too!)

What are your favorite "writing materials"?