Solving Problems: Lupe Vargas and Her Super Best Friend

I am proud to feature this wonderful book, Lupe Vargas and Her Super Best Friend, on the Wondershop. Written by bilingual children's author and speaker Amy Costales and illustrated by Alexandra Artigas, this story, told in English and Spanish, is all about the power of friendship, imaginative play, and problem solving. Lupe Vargas and Her Super Best Friend was a Junior Library Guild Premier Selection in 2006 and is a powerful tale about sharing learning, exploring together, and eventually compromising when you have a spat with your co-creators.


Amy Costales said...

Thanks for including "Lupe Vargas and Her Super Best Friend" in your blog. I think it is a great story about saying sorry. It's also about two kids having enough free time to creatively play, something I think you must appreciate. -Amy Costales

Ginger Carlson, author said...

Thank you Amy, for stopping by. I'm looking forward to adding more of your books to my collection.