Creativity Tool of the Week: Sculpt-a-mold!

Here's a recommendation I mentioned recently in an interview at The Artful Parent, and thought it would be good to share here too:

Sculpt-a-mold is a great material that is available from art supply stores. You just add water and you can make just about anything. It’s the same principle as papier-mâché if you are sculpting something large, but it is just an easy material to pull out and create with. It is really messy, so depending on how many kids are working with, you might consider doing it outside.

Here’s a unicorn horn Zeal made recently out of it (the horn of Dianthus, to be specific).

But there's papier-mâché, sculpt-a-mold can easily be painted (and in fact, it dries much faster than papier-mâché so you can get to painting it pretty quick). Here's a mountain Zeal made and painted from sculpt-a-mold. And this is not just any mountain, but THE actual mountain Hanuman himself carried! (Gotta love the kids!)

He's now planning to use it to create his own version of The Phantom Tollbooth (based on the book), but I believe that will have to be its very own post.

And here's part two of that interview, in case you are interested.