Holes in Feet, Other Calamities of the Week, and Something to Still Look Forward to

I apologize for the brief absence of the week. We've been dealing with sickness on so many levels, including but certainly not limited to a tragic search for a single dose of tetanus when Zeal was running through a field and stepped on a board embedded with a looong rusty screw that not-so-lovingly pierced his foot. Yippee.

But despite the illness, I managed to have this little chat with Angela Kellner on Northwest Passage at KLCC.

I hope you'll all be able to join us for the show this Saturday night. Here's the info one more time for anyone who might have missed it:

A Wonder Celebration!
Come dance to the music of The Sugar Beets and celebrate the release of the new book Child of Wonder!
Where: Cozmic Pizza/The Strand, 8th and Charnelton, Eugene, Oregon
When: Saturday, May 10th, 7PM
Who: This is a family show in honor of wonder! Bring your kids, your friends, and your mama (the next day is Mother's day!)
Need more info about the book? Go to http://thewondercollection.com
Cost: FREE! Books will be for sale (and signed) for anyone who wants them.
The first forty children to arrive will receive this Child of Wonder t-shirt!