Treasures From the Sea

Our first really warm day in Oregon since maybe last August and we were rejoicing in the day from the moment we woke. Finally! The change to my very favorite season, and we decided that we would pack up the dog, lunch, and the whole family and head to the coast.

Almost there, and we realized we’d forgotten the camera. A good thing, we decided because the truth of the matter is that it is fairly easy to be the one waiting for the Kodak moments and then missing out on the real connection and fun.

There were in fact oh-so-many of those capture-able moments that I’m sure we would have certainly treasured for years to come – building forts from large pieces of driftwood, eventually hiding from the hot sun in them, constructing sea fairy houses from the smaller bits, jumping waves, playing catch, digging holes that are so quickly filled again, and gathering shells and even a very perfect sand dollar that seemed to be a gift straight from the sea.
But instead of capturing them on film and holding on, we just lived them together.

It was pretty much a yes day, not because we planned or intended it to be, but because it is so easy to have one when you are playing on the beach, the sand tickling your toes.

We were getting in the car to leave and Zeal said, “We didn’t do any of the things on our list today, Mom.”

“We played hookie,” I said with a smile. “And we did everything we needed to do for today!”

“What do you call a pirate who skips school?” he asked, finding the perfect place for a little joke.

“Hmmm….What do you call a pirate who skips school?”

“Captain HOOKIE!” he shouted from the back with a hooked finger and a good ol’ arrrgh!

The weekend followed as weekends do, and we were still renewed and revived by the sea and its treasures. We were as efficient as ever in all those “listed” items, and added some fun ones to go along with them. Here’s a few of the many things I/we managed to do:
-get the garden completely in (except the pumpkins – they’ll come later)
-mow the lawn
-weed the beds
-clean the house
-play chess and Labrynth
-fly the remote control plane in the park and manage to not fly it into the top of the trees this time
-do our sick week’s laundry
-attend two festivals (one music festival, one wildflower festival - yeah! It's festival time again!)
-finish the book for book club, that has taken me all month to trod through
-go to book club and thoroughly enjoy the women in my life, the conversations we have, and the true unique beings we all are
-chat at length with and learn all kinds of new and interesting things about my wonderful neighbors
-attend a political rally (get out there and vote, Oregonians!)
-write two magazine articles and one guest post for The Savvy Source
-play in the river
-get going on our bird watching project for Cornell Ornithology Department
-have a picnic in the park
-randomly plant every sunflower seed we have (Zeal) and hope that they don't make too much shade for the tomatoes (Ginger)
-get some glazing in
-do some scouting planning for the next few months
-eat tons of fresh raw food because (yeah!) summer really is coming!

And here it is Monday again, and the treasures from the sea are still with us, like the salty residue of the sea air that stays on your skin. That’s what happens with Yes Days – they stick around even when they’re "over".

And that all said, here’s a little treasure for you. One free signed copy of Child of Wonder being given away. So go get in on the deal!


Jess said...

I thought I was productive, but you blow me out of the water! How in the world could you accomplish that much in one weekend? You must have consolidated some of those activities. It sounds like it was nourishing for you rather than exhausting; how did you have such a busy schedule and still keep your energy going?

Those activities sound wonderful!

Ginger Carlson, author said...

Hi Jess, Thanks for your comment. Yes, some of these things naturally went together, like flying the plane and picnic-ing. But, this all came on the heels of a what we call a "Yes Day" and that seems to always make us more productive and responsive to each other's needs. :)