Fabulous Creatures: Association and Creativity

Over a late evening snack together, Zeal asks, "Hey Mom, did you know that one fabulous being attracts another?"
To which I responded, "Of course, that's why we're sitting here together; we're fabulous."
To which he rolls his eyes and says, "Mooooooommmm!"

But seriously, it's true. It's Law of Attraction, something the book The Secret has brought more into the mainstream in the last year or two. And when it comes to creativity, association is where it's at.

Just like other personality traits that can “rub off” on a child, creativity can be enhanced through association. Surround yourself and your kids with other creative people you know. Let them experience the varied ways other people in their lives use ideas and solve problems. From the neighbor mechanic figuring out how to make the old lemon run again to making cookies with only a few ingredients, talk to your children about how solutions are found to everyday problems. Help children witness examples of creative thinking by experiencing local artists, filmmakers, musicians, scientists, writers, storytellers, or other creative people who would otherwise not be in your social or professional circles.

Because it's true, Fabulous creatures attract each other. Say "YES" to all the Fabulous Energy!