Celebrating Quiet

As you may know, I am huge fan of Byrd Baylor's many titles. I love beginning our day (and often my workshops) with her book The Way to Start a Day, but I think Zeal's very favorite is I'm in Charge of Celebrations. He loves "Dust Devil Day" and "Coyote Day" and loves making up his own celebrations.

Well, today I'M in charge of celebrations and I deem today my official "Quiet Day" and boy am I celebratin'! The boys have gone camping, and while I was itching to go with them, I forced myself to keep quiet and stay home. After all, they are getting their father-son bonding time, and I am getting so much more than I ever imagined this time and space would give me.

I often take moments for myself, and am actually quite good at making sure I get it in on regular basis. I'm in book clubs, a writing group, and have a regular dedicated yoga practice. But I've just realized that I never take this time for myself at home. I always go somewhere - on a walk with a friend, to the yoga studio, on a drive. But here I find myself in my own space, and the experience is quite different, and renewing in a way I hadn't imaged.

I do admit that I cleaned the place, organized my share of closets, and even (my mom would be so proud) ironed the placemats that came oh so crumpled out of the dryer last week before this feeling settled on me. I even ate a piece of dark chocolate and made it to a yoga class (not in that order). I look around now, and the house is clean, and the lights are low, a candle is burning, a breeze is floating in from the window, and for the first time in a while I feel my breathing restored, my thoughts settle. There is noone here to ask me a question, noone to read to but myself, and I realize how very much I love the quiet.

So I think I'll go curl up with a bit of pregnancy ice tea and this old book, About Storytellers by Donald G. Mitchel, an original from 1878 I added to my collection years ago and haven't yet read.

But just cause I am mama, I can't help but post a photo of the guys I am missing (just as they were about to pull out of the driveway), even if I do love this time celebrating the quiet.

Enjoy your own quiet moments!


Valerie Willman said...

I loved this post about quiet and alone time. I'm so worried about not getting this during my year of homeschooling.

Ginger Carlson, author said...

I think the thing about homeschooling is that you get to know your kids in a different, more intimate way, and your need for quiet time changes a bit. You still need it, but in different ways. Still, don't worry - we'll help you out. :)