A Few of My Favorite Things

I'm feeling creatively inspired by the world right now, and here's a small list of things that are lighting my fire. At the end of this post, please do share what you love and the things that feed you and your family creatively.

Long Drives.
When I was a child, Sunday afternoons were reserved for a family drive, usually to nowhere interesting to us kids. I’ll never forget the time our fuel pump was shook loose way out in Wabuska, Nevada (I have no idea what’s there now, but back in the 70’s there was absolutely nothing there except an old abandoned bar and a closed down plastic factory.)
Even today, I just love putting Zeal in the car and taking a drive into the country. Luckily, I married a man who also appreciates such a drive. And Zeal is amiable, as well. We always seem to emerge from our drives with a renewed appreciation for the land and each other, as well as feeling creatively re-inspired. Here’s a photo of the sunset on a recent long haul.

Sleeping Children.
I love them when they are awake too, but there is something very special (and angelic) about a child sleeping. And I absolutely love the moments of waking when they are so cuddly and open to sharing their dreams, a story or a song, which I suppose leads me to the next one.

Early Mornings.
It’s been a long while since I have stayed up all night to greet the sunset (a sign that I am getting older). Still, the mornings give me space and quiet to let my thoughts settle. The early morning quiet is my time. Everyone needs to find their time: the time of day when they are most creative, most productive, most settled. When is your time?

A Good Cup of Coffee.
When I was a child, there was always a pot of coffee on in the house, and our kitchen was a bit of a gathering place. As I grew and traveled, and lived overseas in Indonesia and India, I became enamored by these ways of preparing this very special drink I was always surrounded with and coffee became a part of my ritual of those early mornings. Now that I am pregnant again, I will just have to settle for my red raspberry leaf and nettle tea. Luckily, I have a good excuse to put my feet up and enjoy it. Zeal will show you how (doing so in our front yard tree).

Nighttime Summer Hikes.

A Clean House.
I hate cleaning, and while I absolutely and totally appreciate a good productive mess, I love love love a clean house and the feeling of peace it brings over everyone who dwells here. Lately, we’ve been spending so much time outdoors that the house is keeping fairly clean. And that just feels so good.

A Book to Write in.
I always keep a book going of sketches, stories, article ideas, and other random words. Here are this year’s books, now totally filled. I guess I need (get!) to go shopping!

Now it's your turn... what's inspiring you?