Reading Together is Fun ~ Tips to get children to love reading!

1. Read aloud daily.
2. Take books with you everywhere you go. Travel to the store, park, ocean, church, with books in a basket, just in case.
3. Find a cozy place to read in your home.
4. Check out books on tape from the library.
5. Read signs and other environmental print together as much as possible.
6. Tell stories as a family.
7. Tape record your child telling stories.
8. Read songs, poems and patterned stories together. Recite them or sing them together whenever you feel the urge.
9. Do make reading a happy time together.
10. Find a time for reading to suit both of you. It is usually a good idea to switch off the television.
11. All children need time to look at and discuss the pictures in a book. Also, discuss the story with your child as he/she is reading it. Talk about what is happening and what might follow. When the book is finished ask your child if he/she enjoyed it and ask him/her to tell you why.
12. If your child makes a mistake do not worry. Reread the sentence or page pointing out the error gently.
13. Tell your child the words he/she does not know. Do not expect your child to sound out every word. Do not labor this point.
14. Your child may sometimes be reading a book that is “too easy”. Don’t worry – he/she may need to reestablish confidence, and it is useful for reinforcement.
15. If you think the book is hard for your child to read, then read it aloud to him/her. This will give your child encouragement and also develop expression and fluency.
16. Do praise and encourage your child. It is vital to build your child’s confidence.
17. Ask questions about what you read. Make connections to your lives together.
18. Reread favorites over and over again.
19. Play with words your child does know how to read. Make word cards or sentence strips and make silly sentences or stories with them.
20. Talk about interesting words, authors or illustrators.
21. Subscribe to children’s magazines and read them together.
22. Give books as gifts!


Helen said...

I agree -- so important for kids to develop a love of reading. I'm happy to say that both my kids, now grown, are avid readers. And smart! And good looking -- okay, the good looking part has nothing to do with the reading, but the smart part does!