The Wonder of Water Play lives on...

In going through photo albums this week for another project I am working on, I came across this old picture of my older sister, me (the middle one), and a friend playing in the water on the beach at Lake Tahoe (where I grew up). It brought back a flood of memories of playing at the beach and in the water (mostly the shower and the sink) when I was a child, and brought a huge smile (and I admit, a tear or two) to my face.

And how coincidental that it would be this week, because today you can check out my guest post over at The Savvy Source, most appropriately titled The Wonder of Water Play. Here's a sneak peek:

The Wonder of Water Play!

Water is a tremendous and abundant element of the earth. It provides a sensory experience, connection to nature, and insight into the mysteries our world holds. Water play offers opportunity to develop emotionally, cognitively, and physically. On top of all that, it is one of the easiest sources for our children to tap into their creativity and thinking skills.

And here we are; summer is nearing its end. But that doesn’t mean the water fun needs to end along with it. As you enter the transition period that often is September, keep in mind all of the wonderful ways you can keep the magic and creative wonder of water play alive in your home.

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