"Consuming Kids" coming soon...

I'm so very excited about the upcoming release of the documentary "Consuming Kids", put out by the Media Education Foundation.

Here's the trailer (caution: some of the images are disturbing):

I've been lucky enough to have met and talked and listened and learned with/to/from many of the people featured in the film and am so glad to see the film finally making its way to the public. And if you are in Oregon, or within driving distance, you will get your chance to see the film on November 13th (yes, it's a bit of a ways out, but this time of year people seem to need extra notice) as part of the Salem Progressive Film Series. I'll be the guest speaker that night and would love to see you there!


Kara said...

Thanks for this post! Looks very interesting. That's why we don't have a TV, we'll watch DVD's on the computer, but no advertising!

I blogged about this too at http://birthecology.squarespace.com/journal/2008/10/22/consuming-kids-movie.html - Thanks!