Evaluating Marketing to Children (and encouraging creativity in the process)

We know that children are now marketed to like never before. As well, they are inundated with marketing and fast paced imagery and spend more time with media than ever before. It has also been proven that children before the age of 8 (and sometimes 10) cannot distinguish between media-related fantasy and reality. That said, popular culture can be creative, but we need quiet spaces for creativity to emerge. And in order to get to that creative space, we first need to simply look at what our children are exposed to. Here are a few quick questions to ask when evaluating media use and marketing to our children.

How often are children exposed to marketing in...
-The foods you eat?
-The places you shop?
-The music you listen to?
-Computer use?
-The games they play?
-Organizations your involved in?

Do kids have an opportunity to...
-Play outside?
-In natural environments?
-Choose quiet time?
-Activate all their senses?
-Have unstructured, imaginative play?
-Witness questioning?