The September issue of Wonderwise

Dear Friends,

I'll begin by offering an apology for this issue of Wonderwise being a tad bit late - I spent the Labor Day weekend in bed with a mysterious and out-of the-blue illness, but am rearing to go again now.

I have to admit: September is always the hardest month for me to get a newsletter out to you. And, as some of you long time readers know, I have been known to actually skip it altogether in years past. I contemplated that again this year, but instead decided to break that nasty habit and share a few thoughts with you, as I so enjoy doing. :)

As a former elementary school teacher, this month has always been special to me: it's a busy time filled with self-reflection, renewal, and always lots of goal setting. And for our family, it continues to be that. This summer, as we do many summers, we spent a lot of time traveling and outdoors. And it's the first days of September that find us coming back inside and making plans for the next seasons to come.

So in this issue of Wonderwise, you will find a little bit about Goal Setting that I hope will inspire you to reflect on your and your children's dreams, as well as a little bit of writing about Water Play and where on the web you can find it.

Wishing you a very happy beginning to your September!


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