October Issue of Wonderwise

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Dear Friends in Discovery!

Welcome to fall and the October edition of Wonderwise!

I can't believe fall and October are already here. My mom always told me every year how the years seemed to be going by faster and faster as each one passed. I never believed her, until now. I hope that doesn't mean that I am growing up. :)

As much as I love the summer, I find that something in me is creatively heightened and turned on just as the leaves themselves are turning. The weather turns a bit cooler (but it's still lovely to be outside) and the days are a bit shorter (but not too short for a decent amount of fun). There's still enough time to think and wonder before the crush and craziness of the October through January holidays seem like they are ruling everyone's lives and thoughts. For us, we find ourselves turning toward each other, working on projects (sewing, house, writing, building, cooking and the list goes on) and it is a wonderful time to fall into our creativity and just let it take over for a bit. I hope this finds you too, falling on in, and letting your creativity consume you in every way possible.

In this issue of Wonderwise, you will find:
-Autumnal Reads and Recommendations
-Consuming Kids coming soon to a theatre near you!
-Concocting Creative Minds on Vegfamily

Enjoy, and Happy Wondering!