Getting Ready for Winter Creativity

photo: Amanda Smith, Register-Guard

The leaves have been a tremendous source of play around here lately. With the weather "cooperating", Zeal determinedly saved the leaves even when all the neighbors had theirs raked and ready for pickup by the city over a week ago. And why not save them? They are just so much fun to explore with.

Here we are doing what we love to do best with the leaves: making a maze. Only this year he reenacted the story of the Minotaur instead of running his trucks through it. Aaah, growing boys.

Today, the leaves finally did make it to the curb (well, at least most of them did), but we still have the memory of the maze and even a bit more since it was immortalized in the newspaper, The Register-Guard with this little piece called "Not Just Kidding Around".

Here's the first bit of the article:

Yes, the rain has begun in earnest, and every Oregon parent has started to think: What to do with those kids on yet another wet, dreary day?

For help we turned to Ginger Carlson, writer of the book “Child of Wonder: Nurturing Creative and Naturally Curious Children.” She lives in Eugene and is the mother of her own 8-year-old boy, named Zeal.