coming in from the snow: balloon races

We've been so lucky (at least some of us think so) to be playing in the snow the last few days. Yesterday, we took a family walk out in the stuff that ended up lasting seven hours. Of course, there were a few stops for hot chocolate along the way, a duck into the library to warm ourselves a bit, and a good hot Indian lunch to keep us going on the journey. But for the most part, we were outside the majority of the day. Had our share of snowball fights (or flurries, as the case may be, since the snow was not wet enough to make into real snowballs). Zeal especially loved just picking up pieces of ice pack and crashing them down on the sidewalks to test how many times he had to do so in order to get them to shatter into a million tiny pieces. Along the way, we talked one of his favorite subjects: Greek Mythology, and various other tales that happened into our little brains.

Snow aside, though, for if you're looking for a good indoor activity about now, try this: balloon races!

Zeal was REALLY excited to get back indoors and just warm up. He's been enjoying doing air experiments lately, and this one has him thrilled. With a string, a straw, a bit of tape, and a balloon, there is nothing stopping this little rocket man from using all his hot air. Goodness knows he has enough of it! ;)