the creative pregnant belly

Wanting to do something to commemorate this belly of mine and the coming babe of ours (but also wanting whatever that was to be something other than just a photo and more practical than a belly cast), I sat while the sculptor worked his magic. Now waiting for it to dry before bisque firing, glazing, and then firing again, we are all looking forward to having a new large bowl that will always be a special memento. (photo by Zeal)

There have been many more projects happening around here in regards to the coming babe, so hopefully I will get a chance to post about a few of them in the coming days before the special arrival.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I've always wondered what I'd do with a belly cast, I've never done one. But a bowl -- that's just right! I am due in exactly one month; perhaps I should find a sculptor. When are you due?

Love your blog, by the way. It has greatly influenced the way we homeschool.


Lauri said...

What a marvelous idea!

Ginger Carlson, author said...

Thanks Julie and Lauri! It was fun to do, albeit a bit cold at first.

We are due anytime now, but you know how that goes... could still be a few weeks. And, by the way, my sculptor is Daddy, so you definitely don't need a professional potter to do it. But I do recommend using high fire clay and finding someone with a kiln to fire it if you want to ever serve food in it, etc.

Thank you both for your comments!