soaking in baby

Thank you to everyone who have sent their well-wishes and love to us. We have been overwhelmed by the love and emails and all sorts of other birth welcomings we have received since the joyful birth of our daughter Anjali. Here she is on day 13, aware and already so full of wonder:

Things around here have been teetering between blissful and quiet and then somewhat chaotic since her birth three weeks ago. We've had a very steady stream of relatives, friends, and playmates for Zeal for who we are all very grateful. Here was our home the night before Anjali so quickly slipped into our arms (back when it was peaceful AND clean):

And here is one scene since, where Zeal runs through the living room, dodging a lego-ridden floor "blindfolded" - such talent!

I do intend to regularly visit this space, post creativity thoughts, and other fun stuff, although I would imagine it won't be as regularly. I love to read your comments and get your emails, so please keep sending them.

And for now, we are all just getting to know our little gift, and soaking it all in.


Valerie Willman said...

I love to see baby's snuggled in slings. Though, curiously, I was too afraid to use one with either of my children. I couldn't see how they would STAY in there without falling out! :)

You look blissful.I'm so happy for you.