the next step: (re)building creativity & hope

For those of you who subscribe to Wonderwise, you already know this exciting news. For everyone else, here's the scoop:

Our family will soon be making a move, physically and professionally, that we are so pleased and honored to be a part of. Together, my husband and I will serve as the new Co-Directors of Education for a United Nations-affiliated NGO (non-government organization)/ Humanitarian Foundation that is providing aid of all types around the world. Our job(s) will be focused on rebuilding and creating new schools and other educational opportunities in countries that have faced peril in the last few years. As Co-Directors, we will be responsible for assembling teams to meet the foundation’s education goals and surely a host of other tasks we have yet to learn. Our first focuses will be in China (earthquake relief), the Philippines, and Kashmir.

Those of you who visit this space regularly know that my personal and professional life has focused around creativity and growing kids who think! This tremendous opportunity to continue the pursuit of creativity and thinking in areas of the world where there have been particularly difficult challenges means so very much to me.

It is my intention to continue this blog as a place where readers (wherever in the world you are) can find and share some creativity and think big thoughts. Thank you so very much for being here with me.