Child of Wonder anew... can you help?

Hello Dear Readers!

This year, I am working on a new, revised edition of my book Child of Wonder. One of the additions to the book will be a chapter on Encouraging and Working with Special Needs Children. As you know, I like to include stories from real, creative families in each chapter. If you have a special needs child, please send me any anecdotes, tips, or questions you might have about encouraging your child's creative nature. Do you have a special tool that helps your child deal with Sensory Processing Disorder still explore with messy substances? Have you developed a Parent's Support Group? Perhaps your child is in a wheelchair... or experienced trauma early in life... or is deaf... or has Down Syndrome. I want to hear from you. Please contact me and let me know your stories so that I may possibly include them in the latest edition of Child of Wonder.
Thank you, and Happy Wondering!


wendy said...

would love to see a section on sensory integration disorder now that our son was recently evaluated to have this. in retrospect i wish that all parenting books in general has a little footnote regarding signs to look for indicating that your child may have SPD, then a resource section in the back of the book that directed parents where to go for more info.

it would save other moms the spiral of confusion and self doubt that i went though...because unless you already know about SPD, it is not mentioned anywhere unless it's a books specifically about SPD.


Ginger Carlson, author said...

Thank you Wendy! SI is definitely already on my list of things to address (and it does make a small cameo in the current edition)! Perhaps you would be interested in talking with me further?