shadow play, part 2

Make a Shadow Puppet Theatre
1. Drape a sheet over a table or use wax paper to cover a hole in a large box.
2. Trace and cut out desired figures using cardboard or heavy stock.
3. Tape a drinking straw or tongue depressor to the back of your puppets. Use a hole punch and brads if you want your puppets to have moveable parts. Add an extra straw to each moveable part.
4. Use a desk lamp or flashlight to shine light from the back of the sheet or wax paper.

Did you know…
• Whenever light is blocked, a shadow is made.
• A shadow starts where the light is blocked so your shadow starts at your feet.
• Light only travels in a straight line. Since it cannot bend around an object, a shadow is made.
• When the sun is directly above you there is little to no shadow because the light from the sun is hitting all the area around you.