card play

Oh the joy of a simple deck of cards! Since we've been on the road, they have been one of Zeal's most faithful and trusted tools. He's built card houses, worked on his memory with games on concentration, given old favorites like "War" new life calling it "Roar" and saying one card eats the other (dinosaurs roar before they eat, you know), and practiced his share of magic tricks!

Here we are playing his new favorite game, Two Player Solitaire. I swear this is the best card game for kids! As a cooperative effort, the object of the game is to collectively clear all your cards into the foundation piles on top. It's a real puzzle to figure how to do it, and you have to work together, and so far it works every time (with a bit of problem solving and studious thinking).

And oh what a feeling when Dad asks, "who won?" and we can respond "We did!"

Now that's my kind of game!