inspired in the moment

As you may well know, I am a serious student of yoga. A friend sent me this photo, and I'm finding great truth and inspiration in it this morning, this moment. So I'd like to share it with you.
I'm inspired by:

The strength. The strength to hold and be held. As parents we often take on just one of the roles, that of the holder. But it takes a lot of strength to be held as well, to find the things that support and fulfill you, so you can be the best, strongest holder you can be when that is your role.

The flexibility. To be flexible in the mind is what I strive for in this life and the everyday. To take our days as they come, to believe that anything is possible, to believe that there are many ways of being and that they can all be right...and as Rumi said, to truly believe that "There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."

The grace. She's using all her will, all her strength and power, and this isn't an easy pose. Still, she smiles. And breathes. Beauty.

The determination. Sometimes we twist and hold ourselves into positions that aren't thought possible, and by sheer determination, we are able to do it!

The balance. Oh, the balance. To balance it all: the many things we juggle each day, whether it be work, play, dinner preparation, care for children, and any other number of activities we balance on any given day. To find the balance in the stretching and holding and breathing. Aaaah.

What's inspiring you lately?


Ms. Terje Äkke said...

I have been inspired by many bloggers, including You,
whose reflections, ideas, thoughts, wonderings and willingness to share all that with others is just admirable.