We're soaking up the last few bits of sun, for while I am approaching each day as though this sun is always here and it is always warm (the way I wish it could be sometimes), I am very aware that I am in the Pacific Northwest and the rains will come soon. Of course, that will mean my own built in watering system, lots of puddles to jump in, a house filled with warmth and the scents of fall time cooking, and of course Zeal is looking forward to his ritual of collecting the rain water and all the experiments that will bring.

For now, on with our soaking.

And, oh yes, by the way, this is a piece about problem-solving I was asked to write for Savvy Source that is featured today. I do believe the topic deserves its very own book, but for now (at least while the sun is shining so and while so many other projects are in the works), this will have to do.


ばらっち said...

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