Top Ten Things Every Creative Family Needs

My Top Ten List -
Excerpted from an interview over at First impressions.

A home that encourages creative thinking and expression would include:

1. At least one adult (preferably more) who engages the child with thoughtful interaction and also models wondering about the world and a desire to learn.

2. An understanding of the child’s unique ways of learning.

3. Easy access to a variety of materials that allow exploration and creation – there are many lists in the book that are organized by category, but they might include: a wide variety of art supplies, containers for collections, cooking supplies, dress-up materials, music, natural objects, and things to count, classify and organize.

4. An activation of all the senses. I believe children (and adults) should always have opportunity to see, taste, touch, smell, and listen to the world around them so they can really begin to understand it.

5. Stories: An important aspect of nurturing to love learning is to provide them with a language rich environment, which includes such things as labels, notes, and a wide variety of books that include stories, poetry, and informational text. Children also very much need our own words and stories and they need to not always focus on the printed word. When we tell stories to kids, we connect with them and use imagination in a different way than when we read to them.

6. Quiet spaces that provide an opportunity for children to absorb all they take in each day and rejuvenate themselves.

7. A regular connection with nature: studies show that children who play outside in natural environments (not just on playground equipment) play more creatively than those who don’t. So I think the most important creativity tool is the great outdoors.

8. Great questions that really make the child think about the world around them, including questions that allow children to ponder without being told an answer.

9. Laughter. Failure (which leads to success). Acceptance.

10. Less stuff!


Sharon said...

Interesting! Don't drive yourself too crazy with this though, let your kids just explore naturally!

Ginger Carlson, author said...

Thanks for your comment, Sharon!

Of course, in my mind, all of this is often interwoven and/or a result of natural exploration. Yes, let them just explore!!!

Thank you. :)

Alison said...

Questions are laughter we just must have every single day here :-)

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

I love this list!

I'm a firm believer that less is more, and imagination is fueled so much by using everyday items to play and create.