a little raschka love+

Do you know about Chris Raschka? Author, illustrator, lover of music and rhythm of words extraordinaire! We love him! His work is so simple, yet so complex. So beautiful and so full of creative life!

As a youngin' Zeal completely fell in love with Charlie Parker Played Be Bop. Now, even at an age beyond what is "recommended" by the publisher (yay!) he is entranced by an even earlier work of Raschka's called John Coltrane's Giant Steps.

You may be surprised
at the tricky music
a box,
a snowflake,
some raindrops,
and a kitten
can make.
Right before your eyes.
And on the pages
of this book.
There is someone
watching, encouraging
our performers
but keeping them
under control.
Why not
listen along?

And it helps that Daddy is perhaps the world's biggest Coltrane fan, but certainly not a necessity to find the beauty in this fun tale.

And here's wishing you a toe-tapping-filled week!