traps continued...

SO, I mentioned earlier that we like to set leprechaun traps for St. Paddy's Day. This year was no exception. Only Zeal took a good deal of time deciding how it was going to be. He pulled out all types of materials. I thought he was going to settle on some type of pulley system or some other simple machine to do the work.

Zeal is surely a fan of anything lego. And so he was inspired by this trap made with Lego Mindstorms (he's waiting to turn nine so he can be on a lego robotics team):

But really, how good is that really gonna catch a leprechaun? They are just too fast and tricky for something like that. So he went old-fashioned trap door on us! Add a few signs to lure them in, and voila! they fall right into your trap! Especially once you've soaped up the hole so they can't climb back up. Notice there is a small lego staircase, but until Mindstorms can move a bit faster, they are out of any of his trap building.

Once you're done setting up your trap, it's a great time to curl up with your sister (who fell asleep watching you) and take a little nap.

Good thing leprechauns aren't really as greedy as their reputation makes them out to be, cause this one actually left a bit of chocolate gold in return for his escape (which happened out of one tiny crack between the blocks). The note he left said, "Good try. You almost caught me, but I am just too tricky for you! Better luck next time. Happy St. Paddy's Day!"

And it was.