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If you like music too, check out this feature on The Savvy Source today:

Exploring the Creative Potential of Music
excerpted from Child of Wonder

There is a whoosh-whoosh rhythm in the womb, a mother’s heartbeat in perfect time: nature’s drum. With the sense of touch, this internal drumming can be felt at just a few weeks gestation. Then, at ten weeks, hearing develops and the ssh! of Mama’s blood reaches the ears. This, our first music, begins before we even open our eyes.

Perhaps related to this perfect rhythm as such a potent and primitive force in our lives, listening to and making music have been classifies as brilliant neurological exercises. The brain has different areas which are activated with various aspects of thinking and doing. It is much too simplistic to divide those functions because the brain is interconnected and cooperative. The more we do to stimulate all parts of the brain, the more we can encourage verbal memory, spatial reasoning, and cognitive processing. Brain research concludes that there is a window of opportunity when neurons can be connected and the brain can develop the ability to learn new languages, hear tones, think spatially, and internalize distinct strategies to solve problems. With that in mind, it is important to provide substantial opportunities for hearing and making music early in a child’s life. Luckily, those opportunities are available in abundance.

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