spring fever drawing

I just love what spring does to the soul! As spring entered our little lives last week, we all sat down together and made our Equinox goals, a ritual we do every year. The one goal we all had in common was to focus on a dedicated studio space (something we gave up for other things that are many numbered). So, with an eye towards that, and even though the space has yet to materialize, art is starting to take to its springtime blooming.

Here's a fun project that really allows the creative mind to take off... drawing while never lifting up the pencil. Here's Zeal's:

"Untitled Bird" (the actual name he gave it), oil pastels, 2009

This is a photocopy, photographed by Zeal and waiting for a frame and to be added to the Zeal Gallery. He gave the original to Grandma. Sweet spring, you have worked your magic once again.