Wonderwise, Spring edition

From the latest issue of Wonderwise:

Dear Friends in Discovery!

Happy Spring! It is such a wondrous delight to welcome back the sun even more with the arrival of spring! The longer days are becoming more and more evident and with the appearance of a few more birds and buds on the trees, I am continually reminded of the wonder that we are striving for in our lives.

As we do every year at this time, our family has just made our new goals for the coming year. (Yes, we make our resolutions at Springtime instead of in January because with the signs of life and renewal all around, it just feels right.) And the recurring theme for all of us seemed to be: connections, expansion, nourishment, playfulness, focus and growing together. And as usually happens when one sets goals and places intention on specifics in life, things seemed to have really started to pick up speed and seem to be moving around here.

This week, in preparation for our new jobs which will take us overseas, our family (because yes, it IS a family affair) began our first baby attempts at learning Mandarin Chinese language. What a stretch for our little brains. Anjali is delighted with these new sounds in the house, and of course, Zeal is the one that seems to really be able to grasp it the best. No surprise to any of us. It has been wonderful to be not only learning a new language, but also talking and thinking about what this is doing, on so many levels, for our brains and how even if we can't really communicate without some help from a translator, this insight into the language will help us to connect with the people we meet on our travels and in our work.

So, in honor of connecting with ourselves, our brains, and people around the world, in this issue of Wonderwise, you will find:

- Earth Hour tonight, March 28th, 8:30PM local time, wherever you are in the world!
- The Creative Language of Music
- Chris Raschka - playful, musical, books and art


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